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360 Degree Hybrid Training 

  • Is your goal to LOSE WEIGHT and maintain your VICTORY? 

  • Are you a RUNNER wanting to prevent INJURY and increase your SPEED and ENDURANCE? 


Then 360 Degree Hybrid Training is for you. 


What is 360 Degree Hybrid Training?


360 Degree-I will be all up in your business because LIFESTYLE MATTERS in getting results!


What you EAT, how much WATER you drink, and your getting enough SLEEP are all important factors in my helping you reach your health and fitness goals.


Hybrid Training-Customized live training combined with tailored online workouts and nutrition guidance. 


SFL-Indoor/Outdoor training in a semi-private gym with state-of-the-art equipment.


Based on initial assessments, I will create a personalized program for you that includes healthy meal plans/recipes and online workouts for you to do in between your in-person training days.




Weekly: Weigh Ins

Monthly: Body Composition Assessments, Body Measurements

Quarterly: Movement Screenings


We measure your PROGRESS as you work to reach the GOALS you set. We tweak what we need to along the way.



  • 24-session purchased required

  • $125/per hour session

  • 1/2 upfront

  • 1/2 mid-way 

  • A minimum of two face-to-face workouts  weekly

  • One to two customized online workouts provided  weekly, as needed



Fit Woman
Diet Banana
Schedule a complimentary, in person one hour assessment/workout today. 

Coach Marci will contact you shortly.

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