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TESTIMONIALS (continued)

"Marci is an extraordinary personal trainer--the best I've ever had, and there have been many over the decades. I chose her for all of the same reasons that I've continued to work with her for these past two years: She is beyond competent when it comes to training technique and proper form, and her competence is exceeded only by her patience and graciousness. She is not only a fantastic trainer, she is a wonderful human being."

Michelle B


"Marci is an incredible trainer! She listens to the feedback I give her, while always pushing me to give my all. She makes working out more fun, and teaches me what I need to know about each exercise."

Marina M


"Most recently, Marci asked me to think about my long-term goals.  I thought about it for a week and came up with some when she asked me again.  She gave me a pep talk about relating to my physical training and being giving to myself.  Being in my late 50s I thoroughly understood and agreed.


"Marci will often communicate with me about my recovery, about what I am eating and how I could improve my eating habits; and quickly I began to think of her as my partner in fitness and made the decision

to use this growing partnership to realize my strength and fitness goals.


"I think I decided to stay with Marci because she is personable and thinks about my development and she is not familial with her clients. She is a consummate professional so I feel comfortable recommending her to people I know, without hesitation."

Lenore F


"Coach Marci is a terrific trainer.  I'm pretty self-motivated about exercise, but the 30 intro session with Marci made it clear I would benefit tremendously from continuing to work with her. Coach Marci brings a great blend of humor, determination, knowledge, and support to her work with clients. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of different

exercise methods, and she's always prepared to drive her clients to a much higher level of effort and focus.  I notice Marci has clients of every fitness level, from strong to just starting out, but she knows how to tailor the exercise to suit each person's needs.


"Marci moves her clients through thoughtfully-constructed routines that thoroughly work out every muscle group.  Thirty minutes with Marci is more effective than an hour on my own. Even better, Marci keeps her clients excited to try new exercises -- her routines change frequently and are a lot of fun.  Beyond her skill as a trainer, Marci is a warm and supportive person.  She's a true pleasure to know and a real gift to anyone who wants to further their health and fitness."

Allison P


"Weight training was intimidating to me but after my session with Marci I found that there was nothing to be afraid of. She made me feel confident in the workouts that I was doing, all while educating me on the proper techniques and forms needed for each exercise. Truly she is a coach who cares about her clients and extends her mentorship beyond the gym" 

Nisreen E


"Buenos dias! When I met Marci, I was very ill. I had bad eating habits. I was overweight and sad. But after my second session with Marci, her support, tips and routines made me feel confident. As a result, I have lost weight, I eat much better and I love myself again! I can't stop now.  Marci,  gracias! You are the best. Keep it up, never stop because you are changing lives. God bless you."

Wanda M


"From the moment I met Marci, I knew she was a person who could help me achieve my goals and change my life for the better. Marci’s workouts are challenging, fun and inspiring. She is caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far she can push them. Marci encourages and motivates me to do better, and yet she also knows how much I am capable of. I am impressed by Marci's passion, knowledge, and ability to connect."-

"Marci is an awesome trainer. Her knowledge and enthusiasm kept me motivated. Marci's full body workout routine is incredible. I highly recommend Marci."-./NYC

Aileen M


"Coach Marci is a gem! She is helping me to recover from prolonged stress and low energy resulting from being in an unhealthy work environment on the road to getting back on track with nutrition and rediscovering fitness!"

"My fitness journey has been an incredible and exhilirating experience.Marci's motivation and patience allowed me to gradually increase my fitness to a point of great comfortability." 

​"I've recently started my journey to a healthier life after having a baby.  Marci has helped me get back on track without pushing me to the point that I'm not enjoying myself.  I already feel healthier and stronger and I'm very optimistic about the results she is going to help me achieve.  She is supportive, knowledgable, informative and is genuinely passionate about her work."

Juliet L.

"Marci has enriched my day-to-day life with health, strength and confidence. I am eager to continue working with her because I feel my absolute best after I train with her. She is knowledgable and incredibly intelligent when it comes to the world of fitness. I find comfort in knowing I train with Marci Kenon because she makes working out an adventure."

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