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Hello: I'm Coach Marci. I am a food-safety activist and wellness coach. Let me help you take the struggle out of the change required for wellness transformation using evidence-based strategies and techniques.


Wendy S, NYC

"I have trained with Marci Kenon over a year.  I was new to this facility and was fortunate enough to be assigned to Marci for my free session.I have stayed with Marci and will continue to train with her, for several reasons.  First: She is highly skilled. She adapts my exercise program to what I need, to my weaknesses.  There is no "formula". There is individual evaluation, analysis, and execution. Second: she makes our training fun. I am by no means a gym rat. But I show up and work. She makes it worthwhile. Third: she cares about my progress.  And, my personal beef with trainers, she isn't distracted when she is training me.  I feel I have her full attention. In sum - Marci's great!"

Lisa H, NYC

"I initially decided to train because I had an injury that prevented me from running but wanted to stay in shape while I could not run.  I was told that because I had an injury and am a mature person (not a youngster), I would be referred to someone who worked well with both. This made sense to me.  Marci has realistic expectations but also pushes me beyond what I would have done on my own.  She has always considered where I was in my recovery before planning a workout for me and during the workout as well.  Additionally, she follows up after the workout to gauge how the recovery is going.  Finally, I do see results!  I am actually beginning to run again and can also see a change in my body."

Nina D, NYC

"I got some training sessions with Marci and thought she was great!  She was very knowledgeable and geared she workouts to the style of exercises that I liked. She definitely pushed me to work hard while maintaining proper form so as not to cause injury. The sessions seemed to fly by but I always left with a good sweat on! On top of a great workout, Marci is very personable so we always had a lot of laughs throughout which also made the time go by quickly. I would definitely recommend Marci as a trainer for any fitness level!"

Dr. Patricia, NV

"Kindly accept the following regarding the subject as fact, based on my personal experience with Ms. Marci Kenon.

Mostly recently Ms. Kenon was engaged  under contract as my Personal Fitness Trainer. Throughout our engagement, Ms. Kenon demonstrated full knowledge in the art of well-being and physical fitness. She demonstrated too, her patience as she monitored my progress to the conclusion of the Physical Fitness Program as she had planned for me.
I am pleased to submit this letter of personal experience with Ms. Kenon, in fact I am honored to. I have every confidence Ms. Kenon will be a productive person in whatever  is her endeavor."

Coach Marci's Boot Camp
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