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Dr. Deborah Teplow-BIOGRAPHY

Wellness Expert

Deborah is an expert in health education and training and led the effort to establish wellness coaching as an occupation recognized by the US Department of Labor. Since founding IWE, she has helped train over 5,000 people put science-based skills into practice to make positive, lasting behavior change in their lives and the lives of others.

Before founding IWE, Deborah was CEO/Founder of Health Focus, Inc., and worked with the University of Wisconsin and Indiana University Schools of Medicine to develop continuing medical education for physicians. Previously, she served as Executive Director of the Institute for Behavioral Healthcare, where she helped establish clinical outcomes measures for behavioral group practices. She helped two organizations gain six-year accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, and developed curriculum in the humanities and sciences for colleges in California, Nevada, New Jersey, and New Hampshire.

Deborah is an expert in person-centered, strength-based, relationship-focused approaches to behavior change, and has published widely on evidence-based strategies to promote lasting behavior change. She earned her doctorate from Stanford University and has multiple certifications in the area of health sciences and wellness. She is a certified Tiny Habits® Coach, trained by BJ Fogg, founder, and director of the Stanford University’s Behavior Design Lab. She also earned a certificate in Solution-focused Brief Therapy through BRIEF International.

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